Most foundation yoga teacher training courses devote at best a couple of hours on how to adjust a yoga practise to accommodate a pregnant woman, yet the likelihood is at some point most yoga teachers will probably find that one of their regular students becomes pregnant or a pregnant woman unexpectedly joins the class. Concern or fear when teaching yoga to a pregnant women is an all too common problem, especially for newly qualified teachers.

In this 90-minute training I will eliminate your fear of teaching a pregnant woman, and give you easy to implement principles of support, soften and space, so you can include a pregnant woman in your general class should you wish to. This workshop is also an excellent foundation for anyone considering training to teach pregnancy yoga with me.

Bonus content

Along side this 90 minute live training is my pre-recorded bonus content "Yoga in the first trimester, to practise or not to practise?"

In this short 30 minute training I'll explore the dilemma we face when a woman is in her first trimester of pregnancy and wishes to come to class, and provide you with the information you need to decide whether or not your class is suitable.

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