Teaching is a skill, and like any skill to improve you need to practise. The only way to get better at teaching yoga is to get out and teach, even if your brain tries to come up with a whole load of reasons why you should wait.

This course is for any yoga teacher if:

  1. You're often plagued with self-doubt about your teaching ability.
  2. You spending hours planning classes.
  3. You feel you need to create new and exciting yoga sequences in order to be a good teacher.
  4. You'd like to refine your planning, sequencing and use of language to teach with more confidence and ease

Course delivery:

Self-paced online training, that you can start anytime, complete at your own pace, and repeat as often as you need to.

Delivered via a creative mix of:

  • Self-paced training videos.
  • 3 x epic recorded yoga classes with Amy.
  • Yoga Alliance Professionals¬†approved developmental workshop (5-hours CPD)
  • On-going access to all online course material and up-dates.
  • Access to Amy's yoga teacher closed FB group for additional support.

Course curriculum:

  • Effective, smart, planning.
  • Creating class sequences through story telling.
  • The power of language.
  • Using the senses when teaching.
  • Your role as a teacher.
  • 3 epic class sequences and stories, modelling the process.
Effective planning

Creative sequences

Refine teaching skills

Hi I'm Amy

I've been teaching yoga since 2008, and training and mentoring yoga teachers since 2017. I am a Yoga Alliance Professionals Trainer-pro and approved coach.

This course is a Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited 5-hour continued professional development training (CPD).

Prior to my life as a yoga teacher I taught in secondary schools for 12 years, and in that time trained school teachers.

One way or another I have been involved in training, teaching and education for my whole career.

Teaching is teaching, regardless of subject, it's a skill that has to be learnt, practised and refined.

I also know teachers thrive when they are confident in their ability and feel supported.

And I am excited to support you with this training.