Cultivating relaxation, story time, and the use of mantra and sound.

Being still is tough when you are little, but I feel this is a really important skill we can teach our little ones, to be still without a screen even if it's just for a moment. Make it clear that it's not sleeping, some children get upset when asked to lie down thinking they are being asked to go to sleep when it's not nap time. I have found the song twinkle twinkle at this stage can really upset children for this very reason, they think it's bed time when they know it's not. Music and singing bowls can also work really well at this stage of class. What ever end of class "quiet time" routine you develop, do the same every week.

Lecture tasks

1) Watch video cultivating passivity.

2) Read document cultivating passivity.

3) Plan your end of class "quiet time" routine.

Cultivating passivity.pdf